Going through a breakup?

Find out how LittleBook helps you recover and grow after breakups


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LittleBook helps people find meaning, relieve emotional pain, and shorten the recovery journey.

By answering questions backed by science, users gain closure and end up with stories that help them see their experiences from a calmer, healthier perspective.

LittleBook is like a relationship journal, but with super powers.

Therapeutic Understanding & Appreciation

LittleBook asks you questions about your relationship to facilitate understanding, rebuild self-image, and lay the groundwork for moving on.
Research by Dr. Lewandowski, Dr. Fredrickson, and others found writing with a focus on the positive aspects of the break-up helps to revive the self and emotionally recover.

Storytelling & Closure

After answering all the questions, you will get breakup advice and your "story", stitched from your own answers and always editable.
Professor Pennebaker at The University of Texas points out the act of expressing trauma has been part of healing for virtually all cultures, ranging from Native American indigenous cultures to those based on Western and Eastern religious beliefs, adding, "People who are able to construct a story, to build some kind of narrative ... seem to benefit more than those who don’t."

Overcoming Withdrawal With A Satisfied Mind

You are encouraged to add details to and edit your story, especially when you have the "craving" to initiate after-breakup contact, which is disruptive to the healing process.
Allowing yourself to forget is easier too: Early beta users felt less guilty about and became more receptive to forgetting because they knew their stories would always be there, never lost. After all has been written, there’s nothing more to carry. The only thing left is to begin to move on.

Why Is LittleBook My Best Friend During Heartbreak?

  • Gain closure through understanding and appreciation of your relationships
  • Stop carrying the memories and put it away in a special place
  • Be part of a community of lovely people
  • Become a better partner by learning from your and others' relationships
  • Everything is private by default. No Facebook or Twitter. Share your story only if you want

How does it work?

LittleBooks works with experts such as Dr. Sbarra at the University of Arizona to develop a framework for after-breakup recovery.
By answering questions backed by research, you will gain closure and end up with a story that will help you view it from a healthier perspective, so you can feel better faster.

Is it relatively inexpensive?

Yes! When compared to wasting months of your precious time and prolonged heartache, it's a complete no-brainer. Why not invest in some $6 ice cream AND a $1 app?

One of the first things people find when using LittleBook is how much they learned from each relationship and how it's all part of the journey. Each relationship is a chapter in this book and your life. Invest in yourself and start seeing your relationship in a new way.
We offer a full refund guarantee, so try LittleBook 100% risk free. If you are not delighted, you can request a refund. No questions asked.