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One of the best ways to get over a breakup is to take a trip with friends.

If you’re feeling down, just do it. Go here and book a flight now, literally. I’m not even joking. Believe me it’ll be the most therapeutic experience you can have. It is one of the best things you can do after a breakup. Sure shopping therapy, icecream, working out, or a wild night out might help you feel good for a moment. And you should totally do those things to improve your mood but there’s nothing like a trip with your friends to give you that powerful boost of a fresh start and effective mental kick to feel good and rejuvenated. And maybe even change your fate. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.

And please don’t let money stop you. When have you ever said, boy I’m so glad I didn’t have that awesome experience in Europe! I’m going to go look at the $3000 in my bank account and feel good about that now. If looking at a number on your bank account makes you happier than a life changing experience, stay at home. But if an experience and adventure means more to you than a number on your computer screen, the choice is obvious.

Why you should take a trip to get over a relationship?

She used to drink water

So you can stop being reminded of your ex.

I don’t know about you but after a break up, everything reminds me of my ex; especially, places. The streets where you guys walked holding hands. The worst if you pass by your ex’s home. Sometimes you wish you could just move to a new city so you didn’t have to be reminded of those painful memories. Well, move if you’re able but just taking a trip can be a great life catalyst as well. Go somewhere new, somewhere you guys didn’t make any memories and where you won’t have associations of you and your ex. But even then, you might still occasionally (or frequently) get mental mental triggers that remind you of your ex. Like the fact she used to drink water :(

To be distracted and happy.

You’re going to a new place! You’re going to have the time of your life. Think of your happiest moments. I bet a lot of them involved people and somewhere new. Maybe on a trip? So let’s take your mood from being the lowest and just move it to being okay or even good. That relative change of going from bad to okay will feel amazing. Like a new day.

Your mind will be busy and distracted. It’ll be busy processing all of the new information the new location is feeding you. Imagine getting off a plane somewhere tropical. A different climate. A different world. What a difference several hours on a plane makes! Plus you’ll be busy with a packed itinerary. When a close family member dies, the best thing you can do is keep busy. It’s the same with break ups. Once you’ve had some time to reflect and come to terms, you need to be active and move so you can move on. No one really gets over their parents dying. Thoughts and memories will always pop into your head, but if you didn’t keep busy, all you’d do is think about those things and feel sad. And then you’ll turn into a potato. You don’t want to turn into a potato, do you?


So try to be excited by all the novelty and new shiny things!

To feel love and supported or independent

There’s nothing like taking a trip with your best friends. You’ll feel so much love and support you’ll wonder why you even needed a partner. In fact, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs says the need for love and belonging can come from many sources including: friendships, romantic attachments, family, social groups, community groups, and churches and religious organizations. Read more about basic human needs. Travelling with friends addresses all those fundamental needs such as protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creativity, sense of belonging, and freedom. You’ll prove to yourself you can feel awesome without your ex and be independent.

And if you don’t have anyone to travel with, travelling alone is actually a wonderful experience as well. Although it’s scary and uncomfortable at first and you’ll probably even feel like going home in the beginning. But if you push on by the second or third day, you can really find yourself though self-reflection, discover you enjoy doing whatever you want without regard for anyone else, and end up meet many new friends.

If you really want to travel with someone, most online classifieds have a section for travel partners. For example, Gumtree travel partners. Alternatively, you can try a tour group such as G Adventures or Contiki.

If you don’t know where to go, try which will give you up to 40% discount on your flight if you don’t mind where you’re going.

Final words.

Whatever you do, go somewhere. And I promise you’ll feel better. You might even change something in the cosmos to change your destiny.

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